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Projects completed by Joris Ide

Joris Ide creates innovative personalised solutions enabling you to develop unrivalled style in all your building projects. This category makes specific proposals for creations and projects.

Denneman BV offices

At Joris Ide, the durability of our building systems is essential. Discover this agricultural project and its HPS coating with the Confidex 40-year guarantee.

New office buildings MCS

An attractive, durable, efficient working environment thanks to its Joris Ide metal envelope!

Public transport company (STIB/MIVB) - Brussels

Architectural, mechanical, and reaction to fire specifications for the new buildings of the Brussels public transport company.

L’Arbre Blanc - Montpellier

The Archdaily website crowned l’Arbre Blanc the best building of the year in the housing category. An international award that pays tribute to the building’s beauty.  

The “C House” - Reims

2019 Archinovo architecture prize | Joris Ide grabs a place on the podium ! At the heart of contemporary residential architecture. 

Retail area – Saint Mard

Joris Ide, playing a significant role in regional economic development.

Spotlight on this prestigious project.

Offices and workshop area - Attent Gifts

Inspirational architecture to developp the local industries. 

Joris Ide steel cladding; aesthetic, durable and effective.

Private Owned Family Housing – Adinkerke

In need of improving Energy efficiency while renovating?

“The” essential element? Steel!

Auto Viger Showroom – Oudenburg Roksem (Belgium)

The perfect combination of steel and glass, together for a new architecture vision.

Residential project – Moen (Belgium)

Steel, an aesthetic material which is used in architecture and to increase the efficiency of housing. 

Cofeo offices and factory


Combining aesthetics and insulation performance for building the industry of tomorrow. 

Residence Ilots Verts

JI Vieo Edge 500 for this project, to enhance the sleek architecture.

Office building - Rennes

The facets of the JI Ponant are comparable to a diamond.

The high end Joris Ide, at the service of aesthetics.

Mercedes-Benz Dealership

The challenge of design.

This steel envelope sparkles brilliantly.         

Bailly Quaireau’s new headquarters

Joris Ide reinvents buildings and reconciles industrial solutions with architectural designs.

University Halls of Residence - Nantes

This renovation programme gives new life to the University Halls of Residence with new, attractive and modern facades. 

Multiple dwellings –Stephanos Nantes

Cuboid balconies stand out from the landscape.

This steel envelope sparkles brilliantly. 

Renovation Agrocampus - Rennes

Compact in character, linked to environmental performance.

This renovated building is an architectural standard-bearer for the city of Rennes.

Residential complex – Equatoria Rennes

A superb interplay of solid and perforated corrugated profiles, in a flamboyant gold finish.

EuroAirport - International Airport

A technical and aesthetic achievement that is unique in Europe.

The aim was to catch the light and catch the eye.

Documentation centre - ENAC Toulouse

This project was awarded an Eiffel Trophy 2017 (in the Learn category). This distinction puts the spotlight on the quality of "steel" as a material.

Renovation of the Museum of Flax

Meeting design and renovation challenges.

L’Art et les Matières by Joris Ide Façade.

Individual dwellings

The JI Vieo Edge, the standing seam cover profile, gives a contemporary touch to this eco-neighbourhood...

Montpellier polyclinic

Polyclinique Saint-Roch relocated to a brand-new building in February 2016..

An architect's residence

The use of brick and steel, the perfect balance between the traditional building material in this region and a contemporary material.

Shopping centre

This panoramic project is a contribution to local economic development.