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Joris Ide is an international group, a leader in its field, strongly established in Europe, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania as well as Russia and Croatia.


History & Experience

Founded in 1985 by Mr. Joris Ide, the company began with the production and sale of metal sheets, manufactured from galvanized steel and pre-painted galvanized coil steel.

Later it diversified and expanded to become one of the main manufacturers of steel envelope products for buildings: insulating sandwich panels for roofing and cladding, flat sheets, profiled metal trays for roofing and cladding, metal tiles, floors, structural elements like girts and purlins, fittings and fasteners, etc. An extensive & high-performance line of products to help you construct quickly and well.

Growth and distribution have accelerated quickly since 2000 making the Joris Ide group one of the top global players in its scope and a great example of a successful company.

In 2007 ERGON Capital Partners invested in the Group and has helped to sustain its development ever since.
Today the Joris Ide group offers a complete and unmatched line, placing it both at the highest level of performance and quality, but also making itself known for its multiple services for customers and its constant desire for innovation.

Joris Ide offers solutions for many different types of buildings: Industry, Logistics, Agriculture, Offices, Sports, Shops, Leisure, Individual and Collective Residential, in both new and renovated construction.


Today the Group employs more than 900 people.

In addition to skills in traditional areas of management, manufacturing, logistics and commerce, Joris Ide has voluntarily invested in the implementation of a professional technical assistance service consolidated both at the central and the regional level.

Controlling production quality, logistics, and developing new products and services are also strong areas of emphasis.

The Joris Ide group is based on an international network comprised of 17 production sites in 7 countries.

The organisation has increased its strengths with an extensive line and great product diversity, but also its capacity to respond to local conditions, a devoted technical assistance and short delivery times for made-to-measure manufactured products.
In addition to repairs, a local stock has been set up for common finishing products, accessories, spare parts and fasteners.

Deliveries are organised and can take into account special package dimensions, site access, unloading and delivery timing.

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Our Customers

The Joris Ide group enjoys a wide variety of customers: small and large contractors, metalworkers, roofers, weather proofers, façade specialists, general contractors, retailers, farmers and individuals – as well as architects and consulting firms.

Joris Ide is organized to meet the demands of each as for products, fittings, constructive solutions and the regulations in force as well, as for making the best choices and verifying calculations. The customer relationship is a key service element: it is maintained at all times by telephone, the in-house sales teams and the technical assistance staff, not to mention the field sales teams, in order to better understand customer needs and optimize our services.

Thanks to its responsiveness, flexibility, range of products, organization, teams and ongoing commitment to implementation and improvement, today, the Joris Ide group is the perfect partner for all your projects.