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Thanks to its historical bond with the world of agriculture for some thirty years, the Joris Ide group has developed a complete, diversified and evolutionary offer, both for new constructions and for the renovation and modernisation of existing buildings: buildings for poultry, ruminants, pigs, winemaking, etc.

The world of agriculture is very regulated and has to constantly adapt to the following challenges:

  • Well-being and health of the animals 
  • Cost and ergonomics 
  • Capacity to integrate and develop constructions 
  • Quality and cost-effectiveness of productions
  • Safety of farming


The well-being of animals: 

A healthy and clean environment, management of condensation, ventilation and the circulation of air, effective insulation, etc. 


Cost Savings 

An efficient construction thanks to a rapid implementation, labour saving with easy maintenance, reduced energy requirements by having insulation and lighting in your building, etc. 

Development and integration

Blends into the landscape, easy recovery of rainwater, better insulation and supports solar energy for reduced consumption, etc.


The construction of an agricultural building requires overcoming numerous constraints, whether economical, aesthetic, environmental or technical.
In partnership with the world of agriculture, Joris Ide has developed a series of solutions for new constructions and renovations: dry/insulated coverings and cladding, framework systems, photovoltaic integration systems, etc. 

Click below in order to obtain the best possible information and to take a look at our two sets of documentation dedicated to the world of agriculture:

Agricultural: Constructions
Agricultural: Solutions for buildings for farming poultry, ruminants, pigs and winemaking.

These are intended to help you design your building and give you the means to fulfil your economical, aesthetic and technical requirements. 

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