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JI SHIELD Wall System - Vertical

JI SHIELD Wall System - Vertical

JI SHIELD Systems 51, 52 and 53 are vertical wall systems which typically feature a 0.5mm outer and 0.4mm liner. Vertical wall systems are available in a choice of three profiles, with the MW5CS profile offering the addition of swages in the pan, a popular aesthetic finish. All three systems utilise a standard build-up consisting of coated steel external sheet, standard bright white enamel liner, Quattro spacer bar and mineral fibre insulation. All accessories are also available as part of the system, including fixings and sealants. Please contact us for more information. Information below must be used in conjunction with the appropriate NBS Specification document.

Specifications - en

Outer Sheet Profile 0.5mm C200 JIC 32-200-1000 (MW5C)
Liner Sheet 0.4mm JIC JIC 19-167-1000 (19/1000L)
Insulation 0.040 W/mK - Thickness (minimum): 260mm
Quattro Spacer Bar 180mm brackets fitted typically at 1.167M centres
Fixings Carbon steel Self driller Hex head 5.5mm dia x min. 25mm
System U Value 0.25 w/m2K

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