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What is BIM ?

The BIM reform is a work process in the form of a digital mock-up, the purpose of which is to involve all stakeholders from the outset of the project. This digital mock-up will contain all the (geometric, mathematical, textual, etc.) information that may vary from one project to another.

This legal reform is being instituted gradually in Europe and around the world.
This BIM approach has been initiated on the grounds of cost, speed and tracking the life of the work.

The ingenuity of this reform lies in the fact that the aim of this digital mock-up is to be shared at all stages, from design through to completion of the work:

  • The architects will only take information that is relevant to them (shape, colour, size, etc.).

  • Next, it is the consultant engineer who will check standards, strength of materials, performance, etc.

  • After that, it is the turn of the quantity surveyor to check the project for feasibility (quantities, etc.) estimate the price and so on.

  • Finally, it is up to the installer to check the type of model to be ordered and the location where the products are to be installed.


Joris Ide BIM objects

Joris Ide has launched into the BIM approach with this initial list of downloadable objects:

 For those products for which Joris Ide has not created a BIM model yet, you can look up ‘generic’ objects created by l’Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment, a French sectoral association: