UK Brochures update


There are recent updates available on a lot of our UK brochures. Be sure to use the updated version from now on. ⬇️

Brochure overview

  • MR018 Product Range United Kingdom 

An extensive overview of all the products we deliver in the UK.

  • MR101 UK Colorflow

This guide helps you select the most suitable material for your projects. It's an overview of all our colours (with the new Ultra X coating)

Download MR018 UK Product Range Download MR101 Colorflow United Kingdom
  • MR023 JI Wall 1000SF PIR

With an array of different finishes and colours the JI Wall 1000SF PIR is the perfect panel for industrial, commercial or even residential applications.

  • MR041 JI Wall PIR

The JI Wall PIR insulated panel is a multi-functional panel with various uses,
ranging from external wall applications to internal walls and ceilings.

Download MR023 JI Wall 1000SF PIR Download MR041 JI Wall PIR
  • MR046 JI Roof PIR

The JI Roof PIR is a very diverse user product For not only Industrial, but also residential or agricultural application.

  • MR055 Kit Buildings

A look at our different kit buildings with assembly directions.

Download MR046 JI Roof PIR Download MR055 Kit Buildings