Career story Michèle Goethals

Michèle Goethals

career story

In the middle of the corona crisis, Michèle switched jobs. She recently joined us as Marketing & Communications officer.

Starting a new job from home, how did that go?

As good as can be. Starting a new job from home is never easy, but my team really took care of me. In the very beginning, when I was still allowed to visit the office, I received a few training courses that gave me more insights into the products, the industry and the ins and outs of the company. During that time, I also saw some of my colleagues from time to time. That made the transition to working full-time at home easier.

At home, the communication went so smoothly that I could quickly find my own way and work independently. It's nice that they give me responsibility that quickly. I am the youngest in the team, but my colleagues don't treat me like a newbie.

Which strength of Joris Ide surprised you the most?

Joris Ide is a company that looks towards the future. The will to innovate and to improve is always present. The company has a good idea of where they want to go, also in terms of communication and marketing. They don’t sit still, but look how they can offer added value, both internally and externally.

Career story Michèle Goethals

What have you achieved in the last few months?

The most important project I have been working on is the website. The website is Joris Ide’s business card, and it needed to be renewed. The new website is much more user-friendly. 

You can easily find all technical information about our products, and you can view previously completed projects. To get a better idea of what our products look like, you can now also view them in 3D.

What are the biggest challenges for marketing this year?

For me, the most important thing is to establish a strong brand both online and offline. We need to refine the overall communications flow and bring it to a higher level. That should be the common thread in the actions and projects we carry out this year.

In addition, there are some other topics I want to focus on:

At Joris Ide, I can explore the many different aspects of marketing and communication. My expertise isn’t confined to only one aspect.