Thomas Mikkelsen

Thomas Mikkelsen

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Thomas Mikkelsen is ready to introduce Joris Ide to the Swedish market. With his experience of over 20+ years in the steel business he’s the ideal person to make it happen. “I’ve got the spirit for this! I like what I do, am confident in what I do and absolutely ready to take on this new challenge of introducing Joris Ide in Sweden.”


You’ll be introducing Joris Ide to the Swedish market. How do you plan to go about that?

I have worked for Swedish companies before, so I already have a bit of a head start as I know the language, the people and the culture. Apart from that, I start with a blank piece of paper.

Firstly I like to identify some 30+ customers that could be viable leads for us. And then it’s a question of going out there and knocking on doors. It’s the easiest way to organise a face-to-face meeting and introduce yourself and the company. If you get kicked out, you get kicked out. But if you’re able to make that first personal connection, things go much smoother.

I started my journey in October 2021 and reception has been very positive thus far, both in Sweden and Denmark. The people here don’t know Joris Ide yet, but almost everyone I have contacted has responded with interest, asking me about the brand, the products and the service we can provide.

I would love to see Joris Ide become a household name in the market here. Seeing the Swedish office grow, would also be amazing.
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How will you use your previous experience for Joris?

I have a lot of knowledge about the material (steel) itself and the products we can make from it. I’ve worked for several different companies in this business, so I’ve been able to really delve deep into the sector and all its facets.

This is also a big advantage when working directly with customers. If they have a problem or a question I can quickly come up with a fitting solution.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love the knocking on doors and meeting new people. I like the interaction part of my job, it’s the main reason I applied for this position. Sweden is also a totally new market and opportunity for me, which is very exciting!

The thing I like the most about Joris Ide, is that the organisation has a flat structure. There’s not a long way to go from ‘let’s talk about it’ to ‘let’s do it’. You don’t have to go through tons of different people and channels to be able to set some ideas in motion.