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EuroAirport - International Airport

Project data

  • Product :  Special perforated profile by Joris Ide Façade

  • Material : Aluzinc® Florelis, S280GD, 0,75mm.

  • Surface area: 12 000 m²

  • Project stakeholders: Consortium Gagnepark / DeA architectes / Eiffage / Clemessy / Egis

A new car park was needed because of an ever-growing volume of traffic passing through EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (8 million passengers in 2017).
The Gagnepark-led project was chosen for its architectural beauty and for the quality of the proposed solutions.


A technical and aesthetic challenge

Gagnepark chose Joris Ide as its partner to execute the project because of its expertise in aesthetic and technical façade solutions.
These are some of the challenges we overcame:

  • A specific geometry created by the architect from our standard range of profiles and cladding, consisting of a regular trapezoidal wave that echoes our profile in a structured way.

  • A fire regulation requiring more than 50% perforation, which demanded a complex fabrication technique and which the architect wanted to feature as part of the project's DNA.

  • Considerable work on the material Aluzinc Florelis and on guarantees.

The special cladding profile gives the car park an "envelope of light" that opens up unlimited space for creativity.
Joris Ide shapes the material according to your imagination, going beyond your dreams as an architect.

2700 spaces over 6 levels

A technical challenge with more than 50% perforation


Embedded in the environment

Timeless colour and lustre