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Offices and workshop area - Attent Gifts

Project data


The new administrative and storage site project of Attent Gifts in Beernem (Belgium).
This implementation is divided into 2 parts: an office part and a storage part.

  • Products:

    • JI Wall 1000SF PIR – 100mm

    • JI 106-250-750

  • Surface area : 1500m²

  • Contractor : Altez NV 


Aesthetics combined with performance


The JI Wall 1000SF PIR is an insulated cladding panel with secret fix that can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Aesthetic, thanks to the secret fix, the insulated panel offers an architectural aspect to the offices.
Additionally, the microlined cladding enhances the building's façades, integrating perfectly with the alignment of the window frames.
Effective, it offers a fire classification: B-s2, d0, meets the requirements in terms of energy efficiency. The JI Wall 1000SF PIR is certified on numerous technical standards for the Western European market.


Economical and sustainable!

Joris Ide was chosen as a partner for :

  • An affordable system:​

    • Low cost, providing an efficient and fast installation.

  • Durable product :

    • Pre-coated steel with a ten year warranty

Joris Ide can meet specific and technical challenges, from design to completion. Our solutions will adapt to all your projects, contact the factory closest to you! 



Steeldeck used for the storage section of the facility


The right accessories enhancing the final touch for the JI Wall 1000SF PIR

The JI 106-250-750 offers a span of more than 5 meters

Perfect Integration with the surrounding nature