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Cofeo offices and factory

Project details

Project of the new production and administrative site for Cofeo in Suarlée.

This project is divided into 2 parts: an offices part and a factory part.

  • Product :

    • Offices part : JI 18-076-988

    • Factory part : JI Wall 1000 SF - 120mm


  • Surface area :  2500 m²

  • Contractor : Verelst


​The aesthetics of the cladding

JI 18-076-988 is a sinusoidal profiled plate which is adapted for the development of single skin cladding fixed on a secondary framework.
Our corrugated JI 18-076-988 cladding profile perfectly dresses the office part.
Ripples punctuate the façade throughout the day.


The performance of the panels

The JI Wall 1000 SF PIR is a sandwich panel for cladding with hidden fixings, vertical and horizontal installation. The insulating core is polyisocyanurate.
Our JI Wall 1000 SF (120mm) dresses the Cofeo factory.
The fire reaction rating of the panel is: B-s2, d0 and meets the most demanding requirements in terms of energy efficiency.


The partner of all your projects

Joris Ide was chosen as a partner for the following reasons: 

  • An affordable system: 

    • An economically reasonable supply for any site (deliveries from our factories, and via shuttles)

    • During implementation, a simple and fast installation.

  • Durable product: 

    • Pre-lacquered steel coating that withstands the test of time

    • Ten year guarantee 

  • Aesthetics

    • With the corrugations of the cladding profile

    • With the micro-ribbed siding of the sandwich panel


Aesthetically-pleasing cladding


The JI Wall 1000 SF meets all standards


Perfect finish thanks to Joris Ide accessories!


Invisible bindings, micro-ribbed cladding


Seamless integration with the surroundings