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Mercedes-Benz Dealership

Project coordinates

The development of this new Mercedes-Benz dealership in Bourges (department 18), was supported by our Joris Ide Atlantique entity.


  • Surface area : 2500 m²


A new contemporary building and design


The SAVIB 18 group, a Mercedes-Benz distributor located in Bourges, offers a selection of private and commercial second-hand vehicles.
The old dealership was becoming too old.
In order to move closer to the catchment area of​ Bourges to accelerate its development, a new contemporary building and design, like the Mercedes-Benz brand, became necessary.
Joris Ide is proud to support the economic development of companies and territories.


The challenges of the construction site


Joris Ide was chosen as a partner because of its wide-ranging expertise in industrial and non-residential solutions.
The major issues for this project were:


  • To offer a wide range of products (cladding, plates, supports) that would fit within the budget of the project management

  • To comply with the Mercedes-Benz philosophy of design and branding

  • Responsiveness to deliver all products and accessories on time. 



Union of materials at the service of design

JI 42-252-1010 steeldeck with trimmer roof, non-residential application.

A sporty straight trajectory thanks to the Joris Ide JI 25-180-1085 cladding

Perfect finish thanks to Joris Ide accessories

Joris Ide at the service of high-end aesthetics