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Individual dwellings

A plan for the future

The energy efficiency and top-of-the-range style were priorities when Heritage Developments began construction. Located on Old Rydon Lane, this project comprises 40 individual dwellings intended for environmental development at one of Exeter’s most exclusive addresses.
The standing seam profile JI Vieo Edge is a contemporary alternative to traditional zinc roofing.
Specific features of the project:

  • Location: Exeter (United Kingdom)

  • Surface area: 4000m²

  • Architect: Zero Carbon Homes

  • Building contractor: Progressive Systems

Aesthetic and contemporary, it has gentle slopes with regular, low seams that weave their way through your cover opening out towards a clean structure.
Economical, its rapid implementation means that a number of days spent on installation can be saved over large areas.

Beginning of the project

State-of-the-art production facilities


Ridge assembly

A harmonious whole

Wall accessories