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Residential project – Moen (Belgium)

Project details

Steel, an aesthetic material which is used in architecture and to increase the efficiency of housing, in this new residential project in Moen (Belgium).


The panel’s characteristics

JI Permapan PIR is a sandwich panel that is used in renovation projects and the construction of new buildings. The skin layer is stamped with a tile pattern.
The insulating core is made from polyisocyanurate. The fire reaction rating of the panel is: B-s2, d0 and meets the full requirements in terms of energy efficiency.
JI Permapan is available in 5 thicknesses: 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm.
It is produced in various lengths, from 2.1 m to 11.6 m, and comes with a comprehensive range of accessories including ridge tiles, verges, finishing tiles, and so on.


Metal, living solutions!

Steel has enjoyed a solid reputation for many years, in the agricultural, industrial and tertiary sectors.
In the past ten years Joris Ide has strived to develop solutions that address the challenges that the residential sector faces and are adapted to: 


  • low-pitched roofs

  • economic stakes: steel solutions improve the performances (acoustic, thermal...)

  • aesthetic requirements: the huge variety of our products, colours and textures give the house a contemporary look and feel.

  • today’s energy challenges: our coating solutions are infinitely more durable than other materials.

  • the new standards

Our solutions adapt themselves to all your projects, whether you are building or renovating a house.
What’s more, these systems are not incompatible with other materials. On the contrary even. The combination of brick and steel makes this project look very modern.


A combination of steel and brick for an aesthetic look


The JI Permapan PIR meets all the standards


A perfect finish thanks to the Joris Ide accessories 


Seamless integration with the surroundings


Aerial view...