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Private Owned Family Housing – Adinkerke

Project details

Steel, at the service of architecture and energy performance, in this new residential project in Adinkerke (Belgium). 

  • Product:  JI Permapan PIR – 120 mm

  • Coating : Grandemat - 40µ (RAL 9005)

  • Surface area : 300m²

  • Contractor : Eco Solar Energie BVBA 

A solution for each renovation!


Housing renovation is often an opportunity to refresh the aesthetic appearance of homes, but also to provide them with quality insulation. 

Here, the renovation of a roof,  two main elements targeted:  

  • Supplying insulated tile panels (JI Permapan PIR) with the highest possible thickness (120mm)

  • Associated with the implementation of solar panels

JI Permapan PIR is an insulated roof panel that can be manufactured up to 11.6 m in length.


The benefits of renovation

Due to the continuous rise of the energy bills, renovation is an increasingly popular solution for households.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of renovation: 

  • Reducing the energy bill

  • Increase in the property value after renovation

  • Compliance with new standards

  • Better thermal performance for housing

  • Aesthetic integration with other materials

  • Easier implementation

Joris Ide is able to answer your specific and technical challenges, from conception to realisation.

Whether for new homes or renovations, our solutions will adapt to all your projects! 


Our JI Permapan PIR meets the highest standards

Finishing parts for the aesthetics of housing


Integration of steel with solar panels

Garden shed renovation (JI 45-333-1000) vs. house (JI Permapan PIR)

As seen from the sky