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Renovation of the Museum of Flax

Project data

The Museum of Flax opened its doors under the name "Texture" in 2014, with the aim of presenting the history of flax and textiles using an original story and a contemporary building.

Project stakeholders:  
Project data:
  • Special Joris Ide Façade profile
  • Material: Tecu Gold Copper
  • Surface area: 3300 m²

L’Art et les Matières

"Tecu Gold Copper is an alloy of copper and aluminium designed for façade cladding.  It takes on a mat appearance soon after installation and develops a warm golden coating.
The architect's idea was to give a sense of undulation and depth by using an acute angle for the parapet and the corrugation.
The special triangular cladding profile has exposed fixings, and gives the museum a "golden crown" that opens up unlimited space for creativity.
We shape the material according to your imagination, going beyond your dreams as an architect.

Get ready to enter the world of Joris Ide.


The architect's idea and industrial implementation

Architectural cladding with triangular ribbing

Embedded in the environment

Fixed to a secondary frame which is tailored to attach to the support

Combination of materials and textures (brick, glass)