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An architect’s residence

"Nature and steel"

Mr J. Van HoyDonck has achieved a harmonious integration between a house and its surroundings with his architectural project.

The residence is located in Antwerp province.

  • Owner: Mr J. Van HoyDonck

  • Construction: Janssen

  • Product : JI Boréas TEC

The use of brick and steel, the perfect balance between the traditional building material in this region and a contemporary material. A project which contributes actively to integration into the surroundings.

The start of the project

The architect’s sketches…


Horizontal and vertical lines, light and shadow, a new building structure.

A range of possibilities

Based on both its aesthetic nature and its technical possibilities, the steel structure once again confirms that it can blend seamlessly with a wide range of building materials.

Technical aspects…

The positive technical aspect is the format of the products used.

Top view

A serene space achieved through the implementation of different materials.