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Résidence Ilots Verts

Project details

This project was overseen by our subsidiary Joris Ide Auvergne.
The project comprises 3 buildings with a total of 121 apartments.


Project background


This housing project is situated in verdant surroundings, in Saint-Priest, just 20 km from Lyon and is a pleasant place to live.

Every building has a penthouse apartment with a terrace. 

The various contracting parties of this housing project with 121 units have succeeded in meeting the requirements of the users while adhering to environmental constraints:

  • most of the apartments are walk-through apartments with a double orientation

  • visual and landscape fluidity

  • a bioclimatic design which highlights the green surroundings, contributing to the well-being of the residents

  • a selection of durable materials, which make maintenance less expensive


An aesthetic and durable product


JI Vieo Edge 500, a clippable steel standing seam profile which can be used as roofing and façade cladding to build and renovate residential, collective and tertiary projects.
Architects who are looking for a uniform way to cover their building projects love JI Vieo Edge 500 because it can be used both as roofing as well as façade cladding.
Joris Ide was chosen as a partner for the following reasons: 

  • An affordable system :

    • in terms of pricing and use, JI Vieo Edge 500 has an excellent price/quality ratio.

    • It is three times faster to install compared to a traditional standing seam (zinc or aluminium) system.

  • Durable product:

    • pre-lacquered steel coating that withstands the test of time (ten year warranty).

    • Very good durability with corrosion resistance up to RC4* and UV up to RUV4**

  • Aesthetics :

    • the low height of the wave allows for a sleek architecture.

    • Invisible fixings

  • Produced in France, with weekly delivery throughout the country with our shuttles, ensuring a reasonably economic supply of materials to any site.


Aesthetically-pleasing cladding

Adapted PV integration system for the JI Vieo Edge 500, with the JI Vieo Solar clip

Modern, because of its regular joints

Hidden fixings for a quick and easy installation


Seamless integration with the surroundings