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Montpellier Polyclinic

"Sparkling like a ruby"

After 70 years in the historic centre of Montpellier, Polyclinique Saint-Roch relocated to a brand-new building in February 2016.

Two years elapsed between laying the foundation stone and completion. This extensive project is now operational after two years and it is described as the architectural billboard for the Montpellier metropolis.

Authors of the project:

  • Architects: Agence Blézat

  • Construction: Landragin

In addition to the specific colour, the leading aesthetic effect was achieved by the use of cassettes.

The Boréas ruby-red cassette has a wide range of possible applications and can be adapted to any building façade. This means there are few limitations on installation.

This prestigious project makes the best possible use of the steel product range.
Below you will find a summary of the products used for this project.

Commissioning the project…

 This major project was designed by the Blézat team of architects.


Horizontal and vertical lines, light and shadow, a new building structure.

The various facets of ruby

The reflection of the ruby-red colour is utilised to the full by playing with light and shadow.

The technical aspect !

The ease of use of the JI Boréas cassette enables the product to be adapted to the structure of any building.

Top view

The building has developed into one of the symbols in the skyline of the Mediterranean metropolis of Montpellier.