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Our residential offer

Amongst the first customers of the Joris Ide group were customers keen to get into residential "steel" construction.

The Joris Ide group offers you turnkey solutions for all your construction or renovation projects. This residential offer is geared to both insulated or non-insulated metal roofs, to traditional aesthetics; and to photovoltaic roofs, modern and ecological; but also more and more to the aesthetic façade facings, or at least to innovative processes for flooring with composite form work.

The reputation of the Joris Ide group in the residential sector is primarily due to several factors:

  • Easy installation of the products

  • Performance of the products over time

  • Economical control of the project by choosing steel

  • Technical solutions to growing constraints (insulation, etc.)

  • Enhanced aesthetics through the use of sandwich panels and façade facings

Let your imagination run wild, share your wildest dreams with us. We'll give you all the technical assistance you need to make them come true.

We've put together a brochure which shows the Joris Ide products and processes which have been developed especially for the residential market. 

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have; simply click here to ask us a question.