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Picturesque Cabane in Wood

However, our expertise and product range extend far beyond large-scale ventures, we are equally adept at catering to smaller projects, exemplifying our commitment to meeting diverse customer needs with a wide range of products and local commercial support.

One such product that showcases the seamless blend of aesthetics and technology is our JI Permapan PIR insulated roof tile panel. Offering a perfect match for even the most charming settings, this outstanding solution is the ideal fit for a picturesque cabane nestled amidst the natural beauty of La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium.

Why choosing our insulated roof tile panel?

The JI Permapan PIR is a versatile panel suitable for various applications, including domestic, agricultural, and commercial settings, making it a natural choice for this unique project. This insulated roof tile panel marries classic design with cutting-edge technology, ensuring not only visually pleasing results but also excellent performance.

Its composite build enables easy handling, mounting, and fitting, allowing for a faster installation process compared to traditional built-up systems. Moreover, with CE-marking and certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001, our panel adheres to the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. One of the key highlights of the JI Permapan PIR is its exceptional thermal performance, thanks to the use of high-quality PIR foam. This feature ensures efficient insulation, making it an energy-efficient choice for any structure.

Not only does the panel excel in functionality, but it also pays attention to interior aesthetics. The inner sheet comes in a bright RAL 9002 color, adding a touch of elegance to the inside of the building. To cater to diverse architectural visions, we offer a wide range of colors and coatings for the top sheet. This allows for customized designs and ensures that the final outcome perfectly complements the surroundings and architectural theme of the project.

In conclusion, the JI Permapan PIR represents a harmonious blend of form and function, making it an ideal choice for both large and small projects alike. Its exceptional performance, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal, combined with our commitment to excellent service, reinforce why Joris Ide is the preferred partner for steel solutions in the commercial and architectural industries.

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