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History and careers:

Founded in 1985 by Mr. Joris Ide, the company started with the production and sale of metal sheets manufactured out of galvanised or precoated coils.

It then diversified and evolved to become one of the main manufacturers of steel cladding products: insulated composite panels for roof and wall cladding, profiled metal cladding sheets, metal tile effect, flooring, structural elements for purlins and tiles, flat sheets, accessories and fixings, etc. 

Its expansion has accelerated significantly since 2000, making the Joris Ide group one of the first global players in its activity sector and a great example of entrepreneurial success.



In 2007, ERGON Capital Partners decided to invest in the group in order to support their industrial development with the purchase of machinery and land and also by investing in the training of the employees.

Today, the Joris Ide group offer is one of the most comprehensive on the market, both in terms of performance and quality, and the many associated services for the customer. 

Joris Ide offers innovative solutions that are adapted to your needs for the different types of building: Agricultural, Industrial, Tertiary (offices, shops, sports halls, etc.), Residential (individual & collective), as well as new constructions and renovations.