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An ambitious renovation


A change of wind is blowing through CROUS Nantes-Pays de la Loire. Ten renovation projects have started across the region, representing investment of a little over €10m. These new projects launch 'Crous of the future': with catering facilities and accommodation, but also places to meet and live.

At the heart of the Nantes Tertre-Facultés campus, the Fresche Blanc hall of residence has 624 rooms. It was becoming essential to perform exterior thermal renovation of these four halls of residence, as part of the programme launched by CROUS Nantes-Pays de la Loire for its property portfolio.

The operation consisted of replacing the facades of the 4 buildings with new panels to achieve substantial energy savings while also improving the buildings' overall thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation.


This renovation aimed to improve the energy efficiency rating from level E to level C. The operation cost €2.15m, with 50% financed by the regional council.

Exterior thermal insulation

Exterior thermal insulation is frequently presented as the most efficient technique to insulate a building facade. Exterior thermal insulation is an effective means of dealing with thermal bridges. In particular, this insulation method also makes it possible to enhance the appearance of the building.

Joris Ide was chosen as a partner because of its expertise in aesthetic and technical facade solutions.

The main challenges that were overcome:

  • Appearance, fitting a set of flat products in a range of shades (RAL 9010/9002/7035/7016)

  • Hi-tech and facilitated installation by:
    • Fitting plates in stone joints in the gables.
    • Edge to edge fitting using the JI Grégale edged plate on the facades, with a JI BOREAS XLS cassette frame (RAL 7016).

  • Rapid implementation: very tight deadline (2 months) to allow the first few buildings to be available for the beginning of the academic year.

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