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A superb interplay of solid and perforated corrugated profiles, in a flamboyant gold finish. Intriguingly shaped cubic balconies stand out from the landscape.

equatoria equatoria equatoria equatoria

Standard-bearer of an architectural revival


Rennes is a rapidly growing town, meaning that new housing is regularly needed. The Equatoria project, located in the Beauregard district near Université de la Harpe and the Grand Quartier shopping centre, was designed by architect Christophe Rousselle.

The project brings the two buildings a contemporary, avant-garde architectural style.

At ease in its environment, th JI 18-076-988 and its gold finish provides a superb contrast with the other materials.

equatoria equatoria equatoria equatoria

The beauty of contrast

The combination of perforated and solid JI 18-076-988 profiles provides contrast and gives the buildings a unique appearance, thus demonstrating the numerous architectural possibilities offered by the Joris Ide product range.


 The complex is based on strong architectural principles:

  • each storey appears to be independent of the others
  • the orientation of the terraces creates overhangs that capture the light and separate the apartments from each other.

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