Energy solutions - electric car

We are Planet Passionate


Our Planet Passionate program is a critical first step in the next phase of our journey to proactively address the key sustainability issues that face our planet. With Planet Passionate we are setting ourselves even more challenging goals for the next 10 years.

Energy solutions - solar panels

How can we, and the construction industry, play our part?


  • Make a significant reduction in our company‚Äôs environmental footprint
  • Enhance the environmental performance of our products
  • Make a meaningful contribution towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Energy solutions - skylight

Our solutions


Joris Ide can offer you solutions to design and build structures that meets the expectations and requirements of a constantly evolving normative and regulatory context in environmental and energy management fields.

  • New photovoltaic-integrated roof technology with Jorisolar FIX EVO process
  • Solutions for flat roof integration, taking into account waterproofing
  • Solutions focused on the development of green roofs
  • A range of products dedicated to the management of natural lighting (with solar shading)
  • High-performance thermal insulation products