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Résidence d'architecte


A space of serenity, a successful integration. The steel/brick combination used in this project contributes to the integration of the structure in an exceptional environment. Steel asserts its technical and aesthetic dimension and confirms its great capacity to blend with all materials. 

Nature and steel

architects residence

Mr J. Van HoyDonck has achieved a harmonious integration between a house and its surroundings with his architectural project. The use of brick and steel, the perfect balance between the traditional building material in this region and a contemporary material. A project which contributes actively to integration into the surroundings.

A range of possibilities. Different materials. Technically sound.

A seamless blend

Horizontal and vertical lines, light and shadow, a new building structure … Based on both its aesthetic nature and its technical possibilities, the steel structure once again confirms that it can blend seamlessly with a wide range of building materials.

The result? A serene space achieved through the implementation of different materials.

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