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Joris Ide manufactures a wide range of steel building materials to meet all types of building projects. Built to the highest standards, our products are recognized by the construction industry for their performance and durability. Our mission is to offer a one-stop shop for all your steel construction needs. 

Single skin roof and wall profiles

These single skin profiles are designed for roofing and cladding applications. Widely used throughout all types of buildings, they are easy to install and suited for new construction as well as renovations. Our profiles are available in a wide range of lengths and colors to meet your project needs.

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Mineral wool composite panels

Our mineral wool composite panels are an effective solution for cladding and roofing projects requiring good thermal performance. The panels consist of a steel sheet on both the exterior and interior side and a mineral wool core, offering excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.


PIR composite panels

Our PIR composite panels are used in roofing and cladding projects that call for high performance insulation. They consist of exterior and interior steel sheets with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core, offering excellent thermal insulation properties. The various sheet shapes available allow you to customize the panel's aesthetics to suit your project. The size of the panel can also be adjusted to fit all types of buildings.


Roof tiles

When high-quality steel and ceramic roof tiles aesthetics meet, it's the best of both worlds! Our roof tile range is available as single-skin profiles and insulated panels and can be customized to your desired length and coating. Lightweight and easy to install, it's the perfect metal roofing option for any housing or building project that requires a traditional roof tile aesthetic.


JI Slate

Our stunning and contemporary JI Slate is an alternative to traditional slates. This lightweight panel offers excellent thermal performance and can be easily insulated to any desired thickness. With quick and easy installation, JI Slate provides a minimum maintenance solution for maximum convenience. Redefine roofing elegance with JI Slate, where aesthetics and practicality meet seamlessly.


Polycarbonate sheets

Our polycarbonate sheets are a popular roofing option to bring light inside a building. They can also be used as wall cladding to create a greenhouse or for their aesthetic look. They are lightweight, impact resistant and offer excellent light transmission properties. 


Structural Steel Decks

Our steel decks are ideal for use in steel-framed constructions and flooring for projects such as mezzanines, walkways, and platforms. They are durable, easy to install, and can be customized to suit a variety of applications. Our technical profiles can also be used with concrete for composite floor decking and lost formwork. 



Our metalstuds are a versatile solution for drywall partitioning, ceiling systems, and other internal linings. They are lightweight, easy to install and built to meet the demanding requirements of the construction industry. 



Our purlin range is used to build the structural steel frame that supports the roof and walls of a building. Steel framing is the most popular construction system for warehouse and industrial buildings. Steel framing is also popular in residential applications because of its low cost, speed and ease of construction. 


Wall trays

Our wall cladding trays are made of pre-painted steel. Combined with one of our single skin profiles and the insulation of your choice, our trays are a convenient solution for insulation and the creation of a custom-made façade.


Architectural façade products

Profiles, cassettes or sidings, our architectural facade products and their accessories can be used to create unique and remarkable façades for your buildings. Let your imagination run wild!



Joris Ide offers a wide range of accessories to complement its main products, including flashings, sealants and other fasteners needed for your projects.