New Ultra X 70-75µ coating


Ultra X is a beautiful and resistant pre‑painted steel for outdoor and indoor applications. It combines UV and corrosion protection and robustness in a large colour palette to create customized projects.

Ultra X layers

The strength of Ultra X comes from its 75μm three-layer coating system. The primer layer plays a key role in corrosion protection. On top of that is a basecoat, which ensures the steel’s robustness and provides the final colour. The coating is finished with a layer of varnish which adds texture to the coating, increases durability and surface robustness, and enhances the UV weathering potential of Ultra X.


Why choose Ultra X

  • Created in consultation with architects and designers, Ultra X is available in different colours.
  • Its UV resistance offers colour stability.
  • Chromates and heavy metals-free.
  • The guarantee of 40 years is applicable to roofs and facades as well as the installation of rooftop photovoltaic modules.
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