Electric vehicle

Road to zero emission


We have set ourselves annual targets for the transition to electric vehicles, ranging from 25% in 2021 to 100% in 2025. By 2021, we had already reached 25%. In addition, the number of electric forklifts grew to almost 20% of the total fleet.

Emission by scope

CO₂ emission results


  • Scope 1 - Direct emissions: This scope includes the direct CO₂ emissions, which are caused by own sources within Joris Ide.

  • Scope 2 - Indirect Energy emissions: Scope 2 emissions include, but are not limited to, the CO₂  emissions caused by the generation of the purchased electricity that Joris Ide consumes.

  • Scope 3 - Indirect emissions: These are all indirect emissions that occur in Joris Ide's value chain, including both upstream and downstream emissions. That is, emissions during the extraction and production of fuels and the emissions released during waste processing.