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Renovation of a classified monument

The Abattoir market, an art deco monument from the previous century, seamlessly blends preservation and innovation. Its curved roof was retained, hosting a unique, all-black solar module installation designed exclusively for the project. The result mimics the appearance of century-old zinc roofs, offering a superb example of renovating historic monuments while embracing sustainable solutions.

The JI Eco PIR panel is a lightweight insulated panel, available since 2011. The aluminium foil internal liner makes it easy to handle and install. This roof panel is mostly applied on functional buildings. Here, the panel allows a combination with our Jorisolar RS-R rails. It is suitable for a wide range of steel profiles and panels. 

The rail is drilled at the centre of the waves (250 and 333 mm)

  • 250 mm: 4 interior drillings
  • 333 mm: 4 exterior drillings

Jorisolar as a solution for tomorrow

Jorisolar RS-R is a system used for the integration of photovoltaic modules on the roof. A single rail allows the implementation of modules in portrait or landscape layout, which can also be fitted to different steel roofing profiles, as dry or insulated sandwich panel profiles. Based on more than 10 years of experience, this product combines simplicity and safety for your installations.

JoriSolar RS-R Benefits 

  • Product available since 2011 and precursor 
  • Simplicity of installation and layout 
  • Suitable for a wide range of steel and insulated profiles 
  • The rail is drilled at the centre of the waves (250 and 333 mm) 
  • 250 mm: 4 interior drillings 
  • 333 mm: 4 exterior drillings 
  • Rail with EPDM seal 
  • No on-site preparation work 
  • Side and central flanges delivered assembled 
  • Can use aluminium central flanges (13 mm between modules) or ST02 central flanges (18.1 mm)

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