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Standard-bearer of a city-dweller's revival


Nantes is a rapidly growing town, meaning that new housing is regularly needed …

Le Stéphanos is part of the major urban project 'Erdre Porterie' (gatehouse Erdre) that consists of creating a sustainable district where contemporary constructions are energy-efficient and where public spaces retain the site's natural qualities.

Le Stéphanos Le Stéphanos Le Stéphanos Le StéphanosLe Stéphanos

Let the light in

The combination of solid and perforated JI Breva 27 profiles gives the buildings a unique contrast, thus demonstrating the architectural possibilities offered by the range of Joris Ide facades.


A few strong architectural principles:

  • Each floor seems to be independent of the other levels, pushed forward from overhanging spaces with perforation of the balconies.
  • Perforation of balconies: use as sunshade / screen, with terraces orientated to let light in
The facade is clad with stainless steel and sparkles brilliantly. This steel decor generates multiple reflections linked to the planted environment.

Le Stéphanos Le Stéphanos Le Stéphanos

Stephanos was dreamt up by architect Christophe Rousselle, based on the same outline as another project built at Rennes, Equatoria. Its architectural style give the buildings a contemporary appearance.

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