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Simon's Barn: Superior Roofing with JI Roof PIR

Nestled in the landscapes of Oostkamp, Belgium, stands Simon's Barn, a testament to modern construction and innovative roofing solutions. This structure boasts the prowess of JI Roof PIR, a cutting-edge product that ensures thermal performance and aesthetic appeal.

JI Roof PIR: A Roofing Marvel

At the heart of Simon's Barn lies the JI Roof PIR, a 60mm composite panel known for its exceptional thermal resistance and large spanning capability. This product is the ideal choice for a wide variety of building types, catering to both renovation projects and new constructions alike.

Choosing JI Roof PIR comes with the assurance of quality and performance. With production facilities certified by ISO 9001 & 14001, Joris Ide maintains a commitment to the highest standards of production, ensuring that every panel meets the stringent quality requirements. Furthermore, the availability of JI Roof PIR in stock guarantees timely access to this exceptional roofing solution for projects like Simon's Barn.

With a wide range of colors and coatings available for the top sheet, the roof can be customized to complement any architectural style or project requirement. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the advantages of using JI Roof PIR extend to ease of installation, low-maintenance requirements, and excellent airtightness, providing a seamless roofing experience for any structure.

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