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Promote Technological Professions in Wallonia

Joris Ide is proud to have been part of the project Technocampus, which aims to promote and train people in technological professions in Wallonia. As a center of expertise for training, Technocampus offers tailored training programs that meet the needs of businesses and the transition to the fourth industrial revolution of Industry 4.0.

JI Breva 41 façade architectural profile

One of the products used for the Technocampus project is the JI Breva 41 façade architectural profile. These profiles are ideal for siding utilization and are installed using visible fixings on the secondary framework that is tailored to the support. The product requires an adjusted support or an adjustable framework and can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on the desired aesthetic. The installation is straightforward, and the overlapping method makes it easy to install.

The JI Breva 41 profiles can be combined with other materials such as Trespa products here, to achieve the desired look and feel for the project. This product is perfect for the public sector, where aesthetics and robust materials are important.

Joris Ide is known for its reactivity, and this project was no exception. We were able to provide the necessary products within the required time frame, ensuring that the project progressed smoothly.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We are proud to have contributed to the Technocampus project and look forward to being part of similar projects in the future.

Related products