Mr. Joris Ide

1985 – The story begins

In 1985 Mr. Joris Ide founded his own company. He started with the production and sale of metal sheets manufactured out of galvanized or pre-coated coils. Later on, the company diversified and evolved to become one of the main manufacturers of steel products and cladding.

1994 – We grow bigger

Joris Ide acquired the first Belgian company, Mafer. Other Belgian acquisitions followed quickly, and in 1996 we took over Perma Systems (BE). SBP (FR) and Europe Twintile (BE) followed in 2000.

Joris Ide History

2001 – Joris Ide goes international

We expanded even more. In 2001 we establish new sites in Romania and France. Other countries soon followed, with Hungary (2004), the United Kingdom and Croatia (2005), Russia (2006) and Germany (2012).

2007 – ERGON believes in us

ERGON Capital Partners decided to invest in the group to support our growing industrial development with the purchase of machinery and land, and also by investing in the training of our employees. Their support accelerated our expansion significantly making the Joris Ide group one of the first global players in its sector and a great example of entrepreneurial success.

Joris Ide History

2015 – We stay true to our values 

In January 2015 Kingspan - a global leader in high performance insulation and building envelopes – acquired 100% of the shares of Steel Partners NV, the holding company of the group. The Kingspan group brought their chemical expertise and helped us to become more efficient on a production level, without any loss of our core identity.

2018 – Balex Metal joins the group

Joris Ide acquired Balex Metal, a Polish manufacturer of insulated panels and boards. 

From 2018 to Today

The Group has continued its internal investments through the renovation and extension of buildings, the addition of new machinery, the purchase of new lands, and the development of new products and solutions to extend even more his large range. 

In addition to this internal growth, we have also expanded to develop our presence in new markets and acquisitions, of which the most recent are Alaço (Portugal), Toode/Janla (Finland), Rafinor/Eftex (Denmark).


Today – One of the strongest players in Europe

The Joris Ide Group offers one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, both in terms of performance and quality, along with many associated services for the customer. Our innovative solutions are suitable for any type of building.