Metal roof : one of the best option for PV panels installation


Solar panels installation is increasing among building owners and metal roof are one of the most popular support. Metal roofs provide the right amount of both structural strenght and reflectivity  to make the most of your solar installation. Using Joris Ide's range of solar panel fasteners for roof sheets, it is now easier than ever to mount PV panels on any types of building (from industrial and agricultural warehouse to public buildings, appartment complexes and private homes.

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JoriSolar RS-EVO

JoriSolar RS-EVO is the latest integration system in the JoriSolar range and designed to facilitate the installation of photovoltaic modules on trapezoidal roof sheets. It is based on the innovative principle of clipping modules to steel rails, which are attached to the building frame. The rails are positioned on the steel profile ridges and attached to the building structure by a secondary fastening, so that landscape PV modules can be fitted.

JoriSolar RS-R

The JoriSolar RS-R system is specificaly design for photovoltaic modules integration on metal roof. A single rail allows the installation of modules in portrait or landscape layout, fitting either single skin profiles or insulated sandwich panels. Based on more than 10 years of experience, this product combines simplicity and safety for your installations. The rail also features an EPDM seal, ensuring a reliable and secure installation.

With the RS-R system, there is no need for on-site preparation work. The side and central flanges are delivered pre-assembled, providing convenience during installation. The system allows for the use of aluminum central flanges with a 13 mm spacing between modules or ST02 central flanges with an 18.1 mm spacing.

JoriSolar Opti'Roof & Opti'Roof Sunshine

Available since 2014, JoriSolar Opti’Roof is an integration system for photovoltaic modules designed for fitting modules as part of a landscape installation. It is suitable for the JI 45-333-1000 drywall roof profile, as well as our JI Roof PIR sandwich roof panel.

The Opti'Roof system is used to install over 1 million sqm every year in Europe. It supports slopes ranging from 4 to 45 degrees and requires no on-site preparation work. The side and central flanges are delivered assembled, and the system allows for the use of aluminum central flanges (13 mm between modules) or ST02 central flanges (18.1 mm).

Opti'Roof is also available as an elevated version, Opti'Roof Sunshine. The Opti’Roof Sunshine rail allows for a better ventilation of the photovoltaic cells and optimum generation potential from your photovoltaic system. It can be used with bifacial photovoltaic modules.

JoriSolar ST02

The JoriSolar ST02 Central Flange is a Joris Ide innovation that simplfies inter-module earthing and PV panels connection. JoriSolar ST02 is compatible with JoriSolar Opti-Roof systems and JoriSolar RS-R.

The benefits of solar panels

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Our website offers a wide range of metal roofing products that are compatible with solar panels. By combining the durability of metal roofing with the energy efficiency of solar panels, property owners can reduce their building energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Solar Solutions - solar panels

Increased Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs, especially with light coatings, are already highly reflective, which means they reflect much of the sun's heat and energy away from buildings. By adding solar panels to metal roofs, some of that energy is captured and converted into electricity. This can significantly increase building's energy efficiency and reduce grid reliance.

Longevity and Durability

Metal roofs are known for their longevity and durability, and the same can be said for solar panels. When installed properly, solar panels can last up to 25 years or more, making them a smart long-term investment. Additionally, since metal roofs are resistant to corrosion, rust, and other types of damage, they provide a secure and stable base for solar panels to rest on.

Cost Savings

Metal is already one of the most cost effective roofing options. Adding solar panels to a metal roof is a way to reduce energy bills and potentially earn money through net metering. Additionally, many states and municipalities offer tax incentives and rebates for solar panel installations, further reducing the cost of going solar.

Energy solutions - solar panels

Environmental Benefits

Generating clean energy significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a building and lessen its impact on the planet.