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A Blend of Innovation and Nature

The construction of this cutting-edge company headquarter in Burgberg showcases the qualities of the JI Wall 1000SF PIR, expertly combined with a sophisticated wood coating. The production and storage hall, designed with precision and attention to detail, exudes a unique character that sets it apart. Complementing this, the commercial building features the charming aesthetics of a mountain hut, offering a blend of functionality and style. 

The use of a wood-look coating integrates the structure into the picturesque mountain backdrop, creating a harmonious and visually striking presence. This project not only reflects Joris Ide's commitment to quality and innovation but also establishes a new benchmark in architectural excellence.

Best of both worlds

Joris Ide's JI Wall 1000SF PIR, combined with wood coating, introduces an interesting architectural solution. This system, eliminates the drawbacks of traditional wood siding. Unlike wood, steel proves rot-resistant, fireproof, and almost maintenance-free. The wood-look metal profile not only echoes the warmth of raw wood but also crafts an aesthetically pleasing, resistant facade seamlessly blending with nature.

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