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A Flight hangar in the arctic circle

Going further for our customers

Joris Ide was contracted to provide roofing and cladding panels in a flight hangar construction project located in Greenland.

Building a project in remote areas is always a challenge. This one was accepted by the Joris Ide teams who manufactured and delivered JI Roof PIR (in 150mm thickness) roofing panels and JI Wall FT Micro (in 120mm thickness) cladding panels to build a flight hangar in Greenland. 

The polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) composite panels were chosen for their insulation properties, an essential requierement to wistand the conditions of the polar circle. In addition, the client chose an HPS200 coating, designed to resist better in harsh weather.

This project is a testament to Joris Ide's capacity to provide customers with the best services and attention, no matter the distance!

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