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Office building


This project was supported by our entity Joris Ide Bretagne.

Perfect finish thanks to Joris Ide accessories Integration with the environment The façade absorbs light for unmatched prestige Perfect finish thanks to Joris Ide accessories

The look of the architect 

"The project consists of the rehabilitation of an office building located along a main road into the city of Rennes, Avenue Henri Freville.
Before construction, the façade mouldings were composed of prefabricated concrete panels which served as a support to implement thermal insulation from the outside. The set of woodwork has been changed and brought back into the nude exterior finish of the façade.
To break with an existing smooth aesthetic, we chose cladding strips to achieve a kinetic façade by assembling 2 different profiles (JI PONANT W + JI PONANT M). Changing over the course of the day, the relief of this cladding creates a permanent contrast between the reflections of the sun and the direct environment of the building.
Granite Silky Shine Chrome is the colour chosen for this cladding to reflect a context mainly composed of gardens and tall trees.
JI PONANT W + JI PONANT M facets create a delicate play of reflections between greenery, sun and urbanity.”


Expertise in cladding solutions


This colour named Granite® Silky Shine Chrome is a prepainted steel for architectural façades.

  • 50μm thick paint coating system
  • Good durability with corrosion resistance up to RC3* and very good resistance to UV radiation up to RUV4** 

The glossy finish of Granite® Silky Shine (≥ 80 UB) is durable over time, a 20-year warranty is also offered against the perforation of the metal support. 

Joris Ide was chosen as a partner for the following reasons:

  • Local manufacturing , less than 2 hours between the place of manufacturing and the place of installation.
  • The Joris Ide teams a ccompanied this project from A to Z. With the architect for the choice of the products and the colour, and with the customer installer concerning the implementation.
  • Expertise in cladding solutions
  • The aestheticism of the reflection of light through a perfect combination of product and colour
JI Ponant M, W for tertiary application The façade absorbs light for unmatched prestige Integration with the environment JI Ponant M, W for tertiary application JI Ponant M, W for tertiary application Integration with the environment

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